Open dialogues and conversations with feminist practitioners working in visual culture.

In 2018, Noel Nuccioni approached Karyn Kusama, American film & TV director to talk about horror films and today’s society, as well as about women and the director’s creative strate...

Photographer Julia Peirone talks about the importance of girlhood in her work, the relationship between subject and photographer and her influences.


Kate Levey reflects on the extraordinary life and legacy of her mother, the writer and activist, Brigid Brophy.


Filmmaker and scholar, Aparna Sharma reflects on her creative documentary practice in Northeast India in terms of both feminism and decolonisation.


Photographer Ellen Rogers talks to Sabina Stent about her cultural influences and artistic practice in relation to literature, landscape and feminism.


Join Neil Fox who meets American film & TV director, Lynn Shelton to talk for hours about her work. With much enthusiasm, Lynn shares with MAI not only her professional experiences and but also...

Ingrid Ryberg’s film En armé av älskande is a documentary about queer filmmaking as a crucial part of the gay liberation movement in Sweden in the 1970s.


A talented MAI contributor and recent film school graduate, Noel Nuccioni meets film director Natasha Kermani for a short chat about women, feminism and cinema.


In November 2017, the Scottish BAFTA winner, Hope Dickson Leach and MAI contributing editor, Neil Fox talked about women, film industry, privilege, boring and interesting cinema and much more.

Discussing their seemingly distant projects, photographers Patricia Prieto Blanco and Yasmine Akim share ideas on female creative practice and self-identification.


At MAI we work for free to spread the word about research in feminism & visual culture. All our authors publish their work for no fee. We don’t charge our readers. Nothing motivates us but our commitment to raising consciousness about gender politics in arts & media.

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